O Captain, My Captain

This is the space between up and down where you float for a while and thoughts of happiness pass you by.

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Pics from Sunday. Had a damn blast with Dance Gavin Dance. Great show with the bestie! I would go again :)

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vertical/personal/everything ♥

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Tonight I came to a point where I realized I don’t believe in love. It’s just a dream to obtain. I can tell a guy I love him all day and it means nothing. I can’t remember the last time I felt something.

I want to talk to
Someone about why I am beating mYself up in my sleep but I don’t want to be crazy:

My anger issues are causing me nightmares where I thrash about and apparently punch myself in the face. Awesome.  This is my sad face.

2papichulo51-deactivated2014042 said: What's your thought of older guys? Lol

Depends in how old. Lol

Life is slowly getting better… I’m eating again. I’m actually hungry. That’s good right? My arm is out of the cast and my thumb is still broken, but doc wants me to use it.
Gone on a few dates, but the post-date excitement never lasts long. I’ll still probably be alone for ever. At least I have two cats…